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If during washing your Bosch washing machine reveals the E04 mistake code on the display screen, continue analysis. This error usually shows that there is way too much foam in the storage tank. However sometimes the error is not associated with it.

Bosch washer error code e04
Bosch washer error code e04 – How to fix? by

What to do if the E04 mistake of the Bosch washing device is presented due to foam
Initially, you have to stop washing procedure. If foam originates from the tool, it can get anywhere, including control board or motor. In such a scenario, you may obtain the brief circuit. So, stop the procedure and also remove water utilizing a drainpipe filter. It is installed in the hatch near the bottom right of the front panel. After that take out the laundry. Manually collect all the existing foam from the drum as well as close the device. Next off, switch on the rinse setting to remove foam continues to be. Maybe, if there is a great deal of foam, repeat rinsing for several times.

Now, when the device is released from the sudsy captivity, allow’s see what could have caused extreme foaming.

Powder trouble is one of the most common reason for the foam that gets out of the cleaning device.
Perhaps you got a less expensive powder with a reduced amount of defoamers. Also, it could be a fake, which frequently happens, also.
Additionally, it is possible that you have actually chosen the incorrect powder. It may be a hand laundry powder. Examine it out! It is forbidden to use means for hand-operated cleaning in automatic machines.
You might go as well far with the powder and poured excessive of it. To prevent this, always check out the directions to the powder. Remember that various means might have different focus. Always utilize a determining mug. Please, note! Even if the washing is really filthy, do not make use of more powder! An excellent equipment will handle even the dirtiest work with the common amount of detergent.
Just how to cleanse the drainpipe filter in a cleaning maker– detailed instruction
The fairly regular as well as relentless incident of error code e04 in a Bosch washing maker does not always signify about the powder problems. It does not mean that you pick the incorrect detergent or place excessive of it.

The E04 mistake code shows up at the end of the washing cycle, throughout the operation of the drain pump. It implies that the gadget can not remove all the foam from the drum. You can remove the e04 mistake code by cleansing the drain pump in the Bosch Nexxt 500 collection washing machine.

Give the filter-catcher cleansing step by step:

For safety turned off the water system and also separate the machine from the mains. It is possible that you will have to lift the equipment or relocate from its area.
Find where the cleaning equipment filter is set up. After that, open the hatch as well as remove the false panel from the instance base. The hatch is generally taken care of by a latch, and also the cover is held snugly. Utilize a flat large screwdriver or a blade with a spherical edge to tear the cover. In some models, the cover is easily opened by hand.
The false panel is tightened up with breaks or hooks. It can be removed in two means:
relocate on yourself (sometimes you first need to jab the top of the panel with a screwdriver).
a change in the side, typically from right to left.
Prepare a dustcloth to drain the water continues to be from the cleaning machine. The water in the tool is completely drained just from the tank. There is constantly a little water left in the drain system. The filter is a part of it. It will certainly put out when you loosen the filter. So, in order not to load the floor, place a rag under the device. Also, you can position a level plate or one more container.
Recommendations! Make use of the emergency situation hose to almost totally drain pipes the water from the storage tank. It is installed in the majority of Bosch versions. Draw it out of the fastener and also get rid of the stopper. Then place it right into the prepared container and also drain the water. Put the plug in place and also affix the hose pipe.

Also if you utilize an emergency pipe, a little of water will stay in the cleaning maker. To drain it completely, carefully turn the drainpipe plug for 45-60 levels counterclockwise. Wait while remains of water flow in a container or on a cloth. If the plug is in addition dealt with by an unique screw, first loosen or remove it with a screwdriver.

Entirely unscrew as well as take out the filter.
In some designs, the cap is eliminated firstly. It plays the role of cork for water. Then, get rid of the filter.

Clean and also rinse the filter. First, take out big rubbish. For instance, woollen, threads, foreign things could be the factor. Then take a regular dish sponge with an unpleasant layer as well as tidy the surface from the deposition. After that, clean the filter under a stream of warm water.
Attention! It is not suggested to clean in really hot water. In this instance, plastic can warp, as well as the rubber band can lose its flexibility.

Make certain to examine the hole in the washing machine and also clean the continuing to be waste. At the same time, clean it with a moist towel or sponge from dust as well as plaque.

Examine the drain pump. Do not fail to remember to explore the drainpipe pump since there might also be dust. Brighten the hole with a flashlight as well as remove the debris that got on the pump. To check, revolve the impeller. Nothing should avoid its rotation.
Place the filter in area. Put it specifically right into the opening. Do it snugly as well as prevent distortions. Transform the filter plug clockwise. Screw the repairing bolt, if it is right here.
Transform the equipment on as well as look for leaks. In order not to load the flooring during cleaning, check the technique for water leakage from the filter. Launch a test rinse as well as examine if there are declines or jets from under the filter cover. If whatever is dry, close the hatch placed the false panel as well as the device in place.
The E04 mistake in the Bosch washing maker ought to go away for a very long time.

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