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Water does not go into the machine or detergent is not removed. Sign light “spin” is lit as well as a display screen is blinking E11.

Bosch washer error code e11
Bosch washer error code e11 – How to fix? by

If the e11 mistake code shows up on the screen of the Bosch cleaning device, examine the adhering to points:

The tap of the supply of water to the washing machine is obstructed.
Low water pressure in the water system.
The filter in the tube of the cleaning maker is obstructed.
The water supply hose pipe of the washing equipment is twisted.
Aquastop ® Tube safety and security function is activated.
Activation of the Aquastop system
The e11 error code of the Bosch cleaning device has taken place as a result of the AquaStop as well as Leak security system activation
AquaStop and Leakage protection system are necessary to turn off water as well as turn off the gadget. It’s essential in cases of a tear of a fill pipe or leak inside the cleaning machine

The AquaStop system functions as complies with. The water inlet hose goes through an external one, which is bigger. If the inner hose pipe ruptureds or ruptures somehow, water will not move to the floor, however to the outside hose. After this, the shutoff at the inlet of the filling hose right away closes the water.

Such a feature means that there is a sensor in the washing maker base. If water gets into it when leak takes place, the Aquastop system stops the water getting. As well as the digital control device provides the command to drain it.

In rare cases, cleaning devices, outfitted with defense against leaks, reveal false alarm of the water sensing unit. Therefore, when the tool is switched on, the drainpipe pump immediately begins working. When this takes place, the cleaning process does not begin. The factors for this can be either in the digital control unit or in the sensing unit itself. One of the methods to fix the problem is shutting the cables around the sensor.

Exactly how to clean up the water filter in the washing equipment.
Disconnect the cleaning equipment from the electrical outlet.
Close water system to ensure that it does not enter the cleaning equipment. If you do not have a separate tap for the device, shut the cold water supply in the whole apartment or condo. As a rule, the crane lies next to the meters.
Prepare a dustcloth and a small container of concerning one-liter capability. Relocate the device away from the wall to obtain access to the hoses.
Find the filler hose pipe and begin to transform it anticlockwise. When the tube starts to turn off conveniently, put a rag and container under the pipe, and also turn it to the end. Some water will pour out of the component.
Making use of tweezers or pliers, remove the filter and wash it under the water. If you are obstructing water in the whole house, direct the hose to a tub or sink and ask a person to activate the water. After that, water will stream from the hose pipe and also you might clean the filter with it. Afterwards, close water once more.
Set up the filter in the cleaning maker.
Screw the hose back by turning the internal screw clockwise. Tighten it with tool initiative.
Turn on the water as well as examine that there is no leakage under the inner screw. If water circulations, then you need to have screwed the pipe not by the thread or tightened it a little. Shut the water, get rid of as well as attach the hose pipe once more.
If the hose does not leak, turn on the cleaning device.

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