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Bosch front load washing machine presents an e13 error code. It means that the trouble belongs to water draining. If after the timeout (10 mins) the water stays in the container as well as is not drained pipes, the system provides an error. The gadget shows it on the scoreboard.

Bosch washer error code e13
Bosch washer error code e13 – How to fix? by

The customer notifications the lack of rotating when it involves obtaining wet clothing from the storage tank. How to eliminate the trouble and repair the breakdown?

What does the e13 error of Bosch front load washer mean: reasons for failing as well as its removal
To understand why Bosch front lots washing machine generates the e13 error, act sequentially. Start inspecting from simple and also understandable details. Comply with the actions:

Examine the drainpipe filter. The component lies at the bottom of the tool’s back. Open up the cover and also get rid of the filter. If it is filled with particles, clean it and rinse under running water.
Check the drainpipe hose for bending or incorrect location. If it is not mounted appropriately, a “siphon” result is developed. Consequently, only the water begins to combine, it immediately returns to the washer. Furthermore, wash the pipe as well as its nozzle.
The obstruction can create in the sewage system or in the link factor of the pipe with it. The last choice can be inspected by detaching the pipe. If the reason is in the drain, you will need to clean it with unique methods or call a plumbing technician.
What to do if after cleaning up all the aspects the e13 mistake code does not reset? To fix the trouble, you need to fix the damage on your own.

Stress button malfunction
Just how to inspect a pressure button? Initially, get rid of the pressure sensor from the Bosch washer. Having connected a small tube to the attachment point, impact it through. On top of that, evaluate the hose pipes bring about the stress button for stability and lack of obstructions.

If the sensing unit remains in order, get in touches with will work after blowing television. You will certainly listen to a characteristic click, which can be duplicated 3 times. If you do not hear anything, the changing of the pressure switch is required.

Transmission belt failing
If the Bosch washing machine shows the fault code and also the spin does not work, the reason for it might remain in the transmission belt of the engine. When the belt stretches, the transmission of turns mishandles. Consequently, the cleaning is regular, yet there is not enough rate to spin, which causes the e13 error.

To check the problem of the belt, do the following:

After separating the Bosch front load washer from the electric network, get rid of the back cover.
Look, maybe, the belt has jumped off the sheave, or is too used.
To install a brand-new belt, string it via the sheave of the motor onto the wheel of the drum.
Scroll the sheave, equally dispersing the belt.
If there are no results after resetting the error and returning to the spin, most likely to the following action.

Drain pipes pump breakdown
When the pump fails, the water is pumped out inadequately or not whatsoever. So, prior to checking the filter as well as the drain tube, you can begin checking the pump.

Drain the water from the Bosch front lots washing machine with the drainpipe filter.
Eliminate the leading as well as back panels of the washing machine.
Take care of the drum and place the gadget on its side.
Separate the pump wires, situated at the end of the washer.
Relocate the pipe secure far from the pump.
Transform the pump counterclockwise as well as pull it out.
To set up a brand-new element, press it firmly by turning it clockwise.
Control device concerns
The last point that can be assumed is the control component breakdown. If there are any kind of problems with electronic devices, the remainder of the washer does not get a start signal. Therefore, the gadget notifies about the e13 mistake.

Each different aspect on the control board manages the operation of the electric motor, engine, sensing units as well as other components. As an outcome of the closure, the aspects can wear out. To deal with the damage, attempt to solder the contacts, clean the device or perform the complete replacement of it.

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