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If your Bosch washer shows an e27 error code, this suggests a breakdown of the pressure sensor. The detail is also called a stress button or a water degree switch. If the pressure switch (level button) fails, the gadget can stop in the center of the cycle. It rejects to continue functioning. Generally, if there is a break down of the sensing unit, the only option is to change it.

Bosch washer error code e27
Bosch washer error code e27 – How to fix? by

After altering the part, the e27 mistake code of Bosch washer will disappear. The component can’t be fixed, however suppose the problem is not associated with it?

Significance and structure of the stress switch
Given that the major component manages the work of the washing machine’s components, it does 2 features. It has to provide a signal to quit water draining, as well as additionally close the inlet shutoff. Yet exactly how does the module understand that the accumulated ability is enough? The stress button manages the amount of water that enters the tool. Each different mode (washing or washing) needs a certain amount of water.

Pressostat is a plastic protected piece of a round form. A tube, which is under pressure, and electrical wiring are connected to it. There is a slim membrane and button inside the relay real estate. The pressure in the storage tank relies on the amount of gathered water. Air under pressure goes through the tube, it has an impact on the membrane layer, and also it curves and shuts the button. With the help of wiring, the module receives a signal to quit the water consumption.

Numerous customers do not recognize where the stress switch is set up in the washing machine. A few of them think that it finds inside the tank. Actually, the tool is set up at the top of the washing machine case, near the sidewall.

Checking the pressure button for use
First, do the complying with actions:

Observe general security rules. Detach your washing machine from the mains by pulling the plug from the outlet.
Tighten the inlet valve, which manages the water system.
To evaluate the water level sensing unit, get rid of the leading panel of the washer.
After getting rid of the screws, slide the cover onward.
Leaving the panel aside, find the sensor.
Loosen the screws that hold it, move the cover far from you and remove it. The sensing unit is installed with 1-2 bolts, unscrew them, as well. Also, it is essential to detach calls and also a hose from the stress button. To do this, loosen its clamp using pliers.
Afterwards, examine the sensing unit using a tube, which is about 10 centimeters in size. The size of the part ought to coincide as that television, gotten rid of from the stress button before. Put one end of this hose on the inlet suitable, as well as impact in the other side, using the stress switch to your ear. You need to hear a few clicks (from one to 3 depending on your washer). It suggests the efficiency of the sensor. If there is silence inside the pressure button, then it does not function.

Examine the system for damages. Check its tube for blockage. If there is clogging, clean up the hole under the tap water stress.

Having seen to it that every little thing is okay, the last point to check is the multimeter. Set the tester to resistance setting and link the tester probes to the relay get in touches with. When the contacts are active, the figures need to change. If they remain at the exact same level, the sensor is faulty. To know which contacts to attach the tester, you require an electric layout of the tool.

Stress switch self-repair
Often, you can make modifications of the stress button in your washer. In this case, there is no demand to replace the part. Just how to proceed:

It is very important to recognize how much water needed for a washing machine model to run each program. Based upon their number, the sensing unit is outfitted with one to 3 screws.
Complying with the required amount of water in the mode, it is required to tighten the screws.
Knowing just how to change the stress switch, you can prevent getting a new part. Yet it is difficult to calculate the right modification works with. The factor is that only the specialists at the plant do such work.

Pressure switch substitute
First of all, you require:

Disconnect all wires (take pictures or mark the links if needed).
Loosen the screws that secure the tool to the body.
Detach the pipe
To connect a new pressure button, repeat all the action in reverse order.

Next off, you have to run the washer. Inspect if the new sensing unit is working and also whether the e27 mistake code of the Bosch washing machine remains.

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