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Bosch cleaning machines give the f04 mistake code when the water leak is detected. The feasible reasons for this error consist of:

problems with the drainpipe of the device;
cuvette (powder dispenser) malfunctions;
manhole cuff failure.

Bosch washer error code f04
Bosch washer error code f04 – How to fix? by

Leakage of water via the drain of the cleaning equipment
Take into consideration the essence of the problem. Make certain to distinguish the difference between hoses and also nozzles. So:

pipes lie outside the Bosch cleaning maker body;
branch pipelines are put inside the device.
The drain pipeline removes waste water. After washing, a drain pump drains water from the tank with this aspect. After that, water streams into the drain system. It is worth noting that in brand-new cleaning devices the nozzles are always solid as well as elastic. Nevertheless, during operation, the material sets. As a result, the components often tend to fracture as well as leakage.

What is the main reason that provokes the circulation of the part? The reason for the issue is foreign things that enter into the gadget. To prevent the 04 the mistake code in Bosch washing equipment, check laundry before cleaning. To address the trouble, replace the ruined component.

You can secure a broken pipeline from the device base. In this instance, two choices are feasible:

the cost-free plan with a protruding nozzle;
the alternative, when the bottom is closed with a cover and you need to remove it.
The drainpipe pipe has 3 links:

with a tub of a washing device;
with a drain system;
with a branch pipeline of stress.
For replacement, loosen up the clamps of these links. Then, remove the pipeline. Mount a brand-new one in its area, ideal for the criteria. Tighten up the clamps.

Spurt of the powder dispenser of a cleaning machine
Leaking water from the dispenser may also create a failing of your Bosch washing equipment. The device will show the f04 mistake code on the display screen.

Generally, this issue takes place in the next instances:

water moves from the dispenser while filling the washing machine;
flow with the dispenser throughout washing as well as rinsing;
flow during the spinning time.
If the trouble takes place throughout water acquiring, the adhering to circumstances are feasible:

There is extreme water pressure. Thus, the dispenser can not cope with the circulation. In this instance, it is required to ensure that the device is installed level, without tilting;
Clogging of the switchgear tubes, which need cleaning;
Issues with the nozzle. There can be a powder obstructing, easily eliminated by rinsing with warm water. The loss of airtightness of the branch pipeline is an usual issue, also. In this case, you need to replace it or run water through the clamps. Tighten the parts well.
When dripping occurs throughout cleaning and rinsing, take notice of the amount of foam. If there is too much foaming, you can eliminate it the following method. Reduce the quantity of cleaning agent or get one more choice.

Leakages throughout rotating indicate the obstructing of the drain pipeline. If the tube is clogged, water is not diverted to the sewer system. Under pressure of squeezes, it becomes part of the powder tray. To fix the breakage, clean the branch pipeline.

Hatch cuffs dripping
The primary factors for this situation:

natural wear out over time, triggered by extreme loads, including heating and cooling. Some cleaning agents have a bad result, as well. When washing and also drum massage the cuffs, the material loses its elasticity. With time, it comes to be fragile;
the use of a low quality detergent that ruins the structure of a rubber item;
the influence of clothing products, especially metal and plastic. The contents of the pockets, including nails, screws, pins, as well as coins are a severe threat. An individual often fails to remember to remove it from garments before cleaning.
To remove the damage, change the part. The procedure takes the complying with actions:

Loosen the first clamp. Plastic bolts are weakened by a latch. Metal one can be stretched by a springtime or a screw that requires to be gotten rid of. Hereafter, get rid of the initial clamp.
Removal of the front part of the cuff, hold by the unique shape as well as stress of the rubber.
Repairing the cuff setting. There is an unique mark, placed on the top of the component. Another one is in the storage tank. If there is no mark, repair its placement with a pencil or something.
Elimination of the 2nd clamp is a treatment similar to the first stage. The only distinction is that the second clamp is more difficult to discover. In many cases, you need to eliminate the front wall surface of a cleaning machine.
Full cuff extraction.
After that set up the new part. Initially, compare the old and also the new cuff. Ensure they equal. The installment of a new aspect needs the adhering to actions:

Cleansing the side of the storage tank from contamination.
Installing the cuff on the tank. In this instance, it is required to inspect the coincidence of labels. Prepare to the truth that the rubber will certainly stand up to, needing some effort.
Examining the accuracy of the installation. There have to be no clearances.
Setup of clamps.

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