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When the washing process stops, the majority of modern-day washing makers show a mistake code on a screen. As an example, the F23 mistake in Bosch cleaning maker might appear at any phase of the washing procedure. Usually, it is triggered by significant problems connected with water leakage. As well as this threatens by flooding.

Bosch washer error code f23
Bosch washer error code f23 – How to fix? by

Decipherment of the f23 code in Bosch cleaning maker
The F23 mistake code of cleaning maker informs a customer that the Aquastop system has actually triggered. It is in charge of leakage defense. This suggests that water has actually become part of the appliance tray. The reasons for this are the following ones:

there is a tear of the drainpipe or filler tube;
poorly set up powder receptacle;
the sensor of Aquastop is faulty. There may be no water in the pan.
Bosch cleaning maker without a screen signals about the code the following way. It is displayed in the kind of flashing lights. They are the spin rate of 1000, 800 and also 600, plus the rinse indicator.

Elimination of water leak
Having got this error, first, disconnect the cleaning equipment from the mains and shut down the tap. If the electrical expert is not in order and the real estate is energized, you can obtain electrocuted. After this, start to continually check the possible areas for water leakage.

See if the powder collector is correctly set up due to the fact that water can move through it. Try to draw it out and place it back in position. After that it is worth checking the link point of the drainpipe pipe and also pump as well as the discharge pipe. Here is what you require to do:

detach the washing equipment from the water supply and also sewerage;
drain pipes the pallet from the washing device;
turn the tool on its side;
gently remove the pallet;
look inside the case with the bottom of the machine. Find the pump as well as check the link factors with the drain hose and also nozzles;
if required, fix the fault by changing the broken components.
For your info! Water can additionally leakage via the joint of the inlet pipe with the gadget. However in this case, it enacts. And it can take place even if the Bosch washing machine is shut off.

There is an additional area where water can permeate into the device’s body. It is the branch pipe, which goes from the fill valve to the powder collector. You can check its rigidity by getting rid of the leading cover of the technique.

Aquastop sensing unit substitute
What to do if when taking apart the maker, you notice water in the frying pan? The F23 mistake code is shown, too. In this case, search for the factor in the Aquastop sensor or in the tool’s “minds”. Probably you tilted it before as well as there was sticking of the float. The error is revealed after you run the washing maker.

Yet if there is no sticking, then it is required to change the sensing unit. Disconnect the aspect from the cables and also eliminate it from the locks. Next, affix a functioning sensing unit on this area.

Therefore, the F23 error happens just in Bosch cleaning devices geared up with the Aquastop protection system. And also if this security has actually functioned, then this code is shown on the display. You can address this error on your own. Yet if you don’t intend to disassemble the device, the master will certainly do it for you in your home.

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