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If your washing maker Bosch when provides an F21 mistake and also does not knock senseless the plugs at the exact same time, you are really lucky. Having actually seen this failing, quickly separate the Bosch cleaning machine from the mains. Just after that call a professional. Self-search for a trouble remedy, especially in a powered method, enhances the risk of electric shock. Nevertheless, we will not intimidate you ahead of time, let’s handle this error step-by-step.

Bosch washer error codes f21
Bosch washer error codes f21

Interpretation and also summary of the F21 code of the Bosch cleaning machine
Mistake F21 in the Bosch washing maker might appear not just in the type of alpha-numeric code. Usually it happens as a collection of blinking indicators on a control board This happens due to the fact that some versions of Bosch washing devices are not outfitted with a screen. Hence, the F21 code can not be revealed.

You can distinguish lots of errors using the system of flashing signs. Experts do it even without believing as they have a lot of experience with such tools. A user can additionally perform this complying with an unique table of mistake codes.

Aware below we confirm just how the F21 code is revealed on the Bosch device without a display. The following stages happen. The cleaning machine ices up as well as quits responding to button presses. Then, it turns the program selector knob. Three light bulbs start to flash or blink at the same time (1000 transformations, 800 revolutions, as well as rinsing). If you have an older model of the cleaning maker, then the indications of 800/600 changes as well as rinsing will turn on. Older gadgets execute spinning at 8 hundred revolutions, the optimum.

Error code F21 on the Bosch washer control panel
Error code F21 on the Bosch washer control panel – How to fix? by

The mistake description is simple. However locating the reasons for its event is fairly made complex. Masters interpret the F21 error code the following method. There is no possibility to revolve the drum of the Bosch washing machine. In fact, the appliance tries to start the rotation several times. As well as if it does not prosper, the code F21 shows up on the control panel. So what triggers the code appearance? Why the washing machine can not begin the turning of the drum?

Tacho sensing unit is defective A component does not obtain information regarding the engine rate. So, it stops the Bosch cleaning device and provides the F21 error code.
The engine is out of order. If the motor is damaged, it is unable to rotate. Appropriately, the module makes a number of efforts to begin the engine. Then it issues the specified error.
A chain which powers the motor or a Hall sensor (tacho sensing unit) is damaged. In this situation, the sensing unit and also the motor are in order, however their feeding electrical wiring is damaged or rather oxidized.
The cause for the F21 mistake can be an international object. It often obtains the container during cleaning as well as prevents the drum.
Another reason for F21 mistake code is a voltage decrease in the keys.
Hall sensor (Tachogenerator tacho sensor) is defective.

Tacho Generator tacho sensor Hall sensor within motor Bosch washer
Tacho Generator tacho sensor Hall sensor within motor Bosch washer

There are no global recipes for repairing. It’s required to begin checking all the above factors in a hassle-free order. Do it until you encounter a failure.

Let’s start with the Hall sensing unit. Probably, you attempt to choose a various order, from basic to complicated. Of course, it is quite sensible. As an example, it’s a good concept to check the turning of the drum for foreign objects first. Then check the voltage generally and also just then enter into the situation to examine the engine as well as the Hall sensing unit.

Numerous customers get difficulties acquiring accessibility to the tacho sensing unit as well as the electric motor of the Bosch cleaning machine. Just how to reach these details?

Gradually switch off the tool as well as draw it out somewhere, where is extra space.
Dismantle the rear wall of the cleaning machine body. Next, eliminate the transmission belt due to the fact that it will prevent your job.
Using your phone, take pictures of the cords and bolts area in order not to blend it up later. Then eliminate the engine.
If you wish to quickly eliminate the electric motor from the Bosch washing equipment, do the complying with. To start with, disconnect the terminals from it. After this, loosen the tightening bolts as well as press the body of the part. A little move it forward and take down.

The tacho sensor lies on the engine case, so remove it and very carefully evaluate. There may be marks of oxide and grease on the inner surface area of the ring of the tacho-sensor. Remove it. Next off, take the multimeter and also check the Hall sensor. In case it turns out that the tachogenerator is burnt, you require to alter the part immediately.

Engine issues

Washer motor Bosch
Washer motor Bosch

The Bosch cleaning device is typically “significant” of major engine concerns. The trouble with the brushes is the simplest point that can occur to this component. Brushes on enthusiast engines are removed quite often. So, their replacement for the master is an usual thing. An amateur may have some problems when managing brushes. Yet anyway this repair work comes from the group of very easy damages. So you will have the ability to repair it with your very own hands.

It will be a lot even worse if the motor provides a leakage existing to the housing. Or it has actually punctured a number of turns of the winding. In 99% of instances, you will certainly require to transform the motor entirely. At the very least, it will be less expensive than the remediation of an old engine. If there is no leakage, check each turn of the winding, attempting to identify the tear. The work is rather painstaking, however it will certainly enable you to identify precisely whether the engine is in order or otherwise.

Various other breakdowns
Prior to we proceed to various other malfunctions that cause the F21 code, allow’s uncover how to reset the mistake of the Bosch washing maker. What is the reason to reset the failure if in the case of its elimination it goes away? It’s a common question. We’ll clarify whatever to you currently. The factor is that the mistake won’t disappear even if you perform the repair work properly. If you do not go down the settings, the code will certainly still be below and also prevent the beginning of the machine.

Exactly how to reset a mistake of the Bosch cleaning device?

Transform the program selector to the off placement.
Transform the selector to the spin. At this stage, you require to wait till the mistake shows up again on the control board.
Press and hold the button in charge of switching over the changes of the drum. Hold it for a few seconds and afterwards release.
Turn the program selector to set the “drain” mode.
Continue the button of turns changing once again and also wait some seconds.
If all the lights blink and also the device is making the loud sound, the error is reset. But if absolutely nothing occurs after you release the spin switch for the last time, then you need to repeat the above-described actions.

Some international things can trigger the F21 mistake code in Bosch washers. It often enters the storage tank, which is thought about to be rather an usual situation. It looks like masters have actually currently removed whatever from the cleaning machines storage tanks. For instance, coins, pins, bones from bras, switches, small information from youngsters’s toys, etc

. All this stuff postures a threat for cleaning equipment information. For example, there were some situations when sharp things obstructed between the container as well as the drum. It led to piercing the storage tank and also leak.

Other faults of the Bosch washer with error code F21
Other faults of the Bosch washer with error code F21 – How to fix? by

How to make sure that the drum jams the foreign item and don’t dismantle the cleaning equipment? It is necessary to open the hatch door of the formerly disconnected appliance. Try to transform the drum by hand. If you hear a metal rattle, as well as the part jams while spinning, then something has actually hit the container. An international item should be instantly gotten rid of.

If the Bosch washing equipment declines to function as well as shows the F21 code, it’s time to take radical actions. The mistake may be triggered by international object damage. Furthermore, it takes place as a result of a strong voltage drop in the power grid. Otherwise, once such a decrease can wear out all the electronic devices of the tool. As well as it will exactly send your “helper” to the garbage.

To summarize, the F21 mistake code of the Bosch washing maker is a common trouble. The mistake’s factors vary. We attempted to define the most usual of them.

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