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What if the SE error code illuminate on the washing maker screen? Along with that, the device can typically gain water to the container. Nevertheless, when you switch over to cleaning, the program stops and also the drum does not rotate.

LG washer error code SE
LG washer error code SE – How to fix? by

This breakdown is common for LG direct drive cleaning machines. Also, it connects to the belt drive washers and also a three-phase soundless electric motor.

The meaning of the SE mistake code in LG cleaning device
Often users confuse the SE code of LG washing device with the 5E mistake. Undoubtedly, it happens because of the similarity of electronic signs. So, no matter just how you call it, the breakdown stays the same.

The SE mistake code informs a customer of an electric motor problem. As a result of the truth that the electric motor shaft does not turn, the drum does not spin the washing.

Nevertheless, this breakdown not always requires repair work. In some cases you can reset the mistake and fix the problem.

Why does the code brighten
If LG washing equipment shows the SE mistake on the screen, the factors might be:

Weak links. It is necessary to examine all the joints, attached to the electric motor. Sometimes they retreat. It suggests the get in touch with splitting and the signal interrupting. Furthermore, inspect the wiring leading from the motor to the control module. If something is damaged, correct or replace the damaged part of the cord.
System failure could likewise cause a mistake look on a display. Separate the cleaning maker by unplugging it from the socket (for no more than 20 mins). After switching on, the error SE have to reset.
If you fall short to remove the mistake, then you need to begin fixing the components.

How to carry out repair
When LG washing device offers the SE mistake code, in 90% of cases the factor depends on the failure of the tachogenerator (Hall sensor). This device monitors the rate of drum rotation. As a result, in case of a malfunction, the drum “does not understand” exactly how rapid to work, and the system releases a difficulty code.

In some cases it ends up that the failure does not describe the tachogenerator. It is about the resistor’s stressing out.

Then you need to replace the resistor. Regardless, you need to examine the device. Locate it below, on the shaft of the engine.

Open the back cover of the cleaning maker.
Get rid of the belt from the shaft and remove the screws securing the electric motor.
Disconnect the joints, eliminate the engine.
Launch the contacts of the tachogenerator, connect the multimeter probes to them.
The part is OKAY if the resistance is about 60 Ohm.
In addition, configure the voltage tester.
Checking the tacho sensing unit, scroll the engine. The standard has to do with 0.2 V.
If the Hall sensor is defective, you need to mount a brand-new component.

With the eliminated engine, detach the tachogenerator cords.
Eliminate the cover. The lid can be secured on latches or on screws that you have to loosen.
Remove the part and install the new one in the reverse order.
What else can trigger a failure:

With the electric motor malfunctions in the LG washing maker, the SE error appears on a display screen. The washing process does not start. How to remove the problem: you require to alter the electric motor.
If your washing maker does not revolve the drum yet shows the SE error, you need to examine the control device. In case of a breakdown, it is not difficult to replace the system. It is extra challenging to repair the control panel, solder the get in touches with and clean the tracks. So, we recommend you to get in touch with the service facility.
With consistent vibrations throughout spin, wires and joints inside LG cleaning maker can be scrubed or harmed. Inspect the circuitry from the control unit to the motor.
Before beginning job and also fixing the home appliance, do not fail to remember to detach it from the network and also communications. If the recommendations assisted to eliminate the SE error from the display and also the washing equipment LG was recovered, it indicates whatever was done properly.

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