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For the very first time, mistakes with the 1E code can show up at any kind of stage of washing. When a customer restarts the washer, the fault signals appear quickly after the beginning. It takes place even before water getting. The 1E error indicates an issue with the water level sensing unit (a pressure button). In many cases, this means that the individual requires to change the part.

Samsung washer error code 1E
Samsung washer error code 1E – How to fix? by

There are additionally “incorrect” alarm systems when the customer can get rid of mistakes without the help of a professional.

In washing machines without a screen, the 1E code corresponds to:

blinking of all light indicators;
lighting up of the temperature level mode indicators of 40 and also 60 levels;
a light bulb of the “cold” washing mode illuminate.

Error code washing machine Samsung 1E without display
Error code washing machine Samsung 1E without display

The E7 mistake code in Samsung washer was used until 2007. In late items, the same trouble describes the 1E error code. In some washers, a similar trouble codes as the 1C mistake. These mistakes are totally similar to each other. Moreover, the same collection of troubles trigger them.

The control module failing: what to do
To examine this option, separate the equipment from the network for a couple of minutes. After that, reconnect it. If the cause remains in the controller procedure failure of the cleaning device, after a forced reset, the mistake signal goes away.

The pressure button tube is separated from the maker or bent

Pressure switch tube is disconnected in Samsung washer
Pressure switch tube is disconnected in Samsung washer

Evaluate the hose pipe connecting the stress sampling chamber to the sensor. The last one determines the water level. During washing machine operating, the tube may be bent or separate from the connector. In this situation, the relay can not correctly gauge the quantity of water poured into the container. In this instance, the display screen shows the 1E error.

Correct the alignment of or reconnect the hose. This activity will certainly bring back the regular procedure of the Samsung cleaning maker.

If after examining the problem the tool still shows the error, possibly the equipment is malfunctioning.

Just how to remove the 1E error code in Samsung washer
The failure of some aspects most often causes 1E errors. The table will certainly aid you to determine exactly how to repair the breakdown.

MalfunctionPossible casesWhat to do
The machine does not gain water, the 1E error appears.The hose is clogged, incorrectly connected or mechanically damaged. The relay damage.Check the tightness of the drain hose connected to the output of the washer. Eliminate bendings. Make sure that the hose is intact.Replace the damaged hose or relay (ask a specialist for help).
Error codes appear on the display right after the start of the technique operation.The electronic control module malfunction in the washing machine.For an accurate diagnosis, you need the expert’s assistance. If the resistor is burnt out in the module, it is enough to resolder.If a problem occurs in the washing machine processor, you have to completely replace the unit.
The technique issues the errors in a short time after the start of washing.The sensor contacts oxidization. The integrity of the wiring of the pressure switch or the electronic unit breakage.It is necessary to adjust the current supply by clearing the contacts. Also, re-twist the wires and replace the tail.

No contact with the stress switch or digital component

Pressure switch Samsung in the washer
Pressure switch Samsung in the washer

Sometimes the relay does not run properly when it involves insufficient contact with the system electronics. This part determines the degree of water. If there is a failing, the 1E mistake takes place. Inspect whether the digital blocks of the washer are snugly affixed.

It is much easier to get to the stress switch than to the burner or control module in the Samsung cleaning device.

Turn off the water, detach the cleaning tube of the strategy.
Detach the drain hose from the sewage lines.
Detach the device from the keys.
Take out the powder tray
Eliminate 2 screws. They are located on the back wall in the upper right and also left edges of the situation.

How to remove the cover Samsung washer
How to remove the cover Samsung washer

Eliminate the leading cover of the cleaning maker.
You can find the pressure button on top of the device body. Look closer to the rear wall. It is impossible to perplex this aspect with a few other detail.

Where is the pressure switch Samsung washing machine

Having discovered the stress button, examine the pressure tube to break and also blockage. If you can not find any failings, make use of the multimeter. Beginning checking the resistance as well as the contacts of the water level sensing unit.

Having actually examined the water level sensing unit, examination the electrical communications. It feeds and also connects the component to the control component. Also, inspect a loop on the whole information and each cord separately. If the wiring remains in order, we are probably dealing with a severe mistake in the control component.

Burnt out tracks of the control panel, triacs, as well as various other semiconductor components can impact the typical communication with the pressure switch. You can attempt to examine a loophole on them. Perhaps, you will be able to locate the faulty component. Yet most likely, looking for a problem and also its removal will be rather tough.

We constantly suggest entrusting mistakes in the electronic devices of a cleaning maker to an expert. Find a specialist that will certainly fix the malfunction at no additional price.

Finally, we need to keep in mind that the stress button can make a great deal of shocks. Although, it is just one of the most easy-to-repair parts of a cleaning maker. So, if you encounter the 1E mistake in Samsung washing device, be incredibly mindful.

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