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When the 3E error appears on the display screen, the washing stops. The procedure does not resume until the mistake code’s getting rid of. This code represents a tacho sensor error– a weak or missing signal.

Samsung washing machine error code 3E
Samsung washing machine error code 3E – How to fix? by

When does the 3E mistake code appear in the Samsung washing machine?
The 3E code has analogs with a similar decoding. It is about the next mistake codes: 3E1, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3C, 3C1, 3C2, 3C3, 3C4, EA, 8E, 8E1, 8C, 8C1. The look of EA is typical for Samsung cleaning devices of 2008 production. 8Е, 8Е1, 8С, 8С1 error codes show up in the gadgets, produced before 2013.

If your equipment does not have a display, pay attention to the burning lights: 60 ° C and also 40 ° C. The setting indicators flash.

Samsung washer error code 3E without display
Samsung washer error code 3E without display

With no reason, Samsung washing device concerns the 3E error fairly seldom. Usually, such code appears at details phases of cleaning. It means a certain pattern. The washing machine shows the problem when the 3Е, 3Е1, 3Е2, 3Е3, 3Е4, 3С, 3С1, 3С2, 3С3, 3С4 code illuminate. It happens during:

The drum rotating at the time when the program starts;
Laundry rinsing;
Spinning, when the machine rotates the drum for a little and also problems the 3E indicator.
What does the error indicate?

Hall sensor Washer Samsung
Hall sensor Washer Samsung

What if Samsung washing machine shows the 3E, 8E, EA code? Most often, it shows a malfunction in the operation of the hall sensor or engine. The analogs of the 3E code have the next decoding:

EA is similar to the 3E code, displayed on the early models of Samsung washing devices;
3E1, 3Е2, 3Е3, 3Е4, 3С, 3С1, 3С2, 3С3, 3С4 mistake likewise reports regarding a tacho sensing unit breakdown;
8Е, 8С, 8С1 code suggests problems in the resonance sensor, installed in modern-day Samsung washers versions;
3C signals regarding lowering of the washing machines’ motor power.
The reasons for the error

Hall (tacho) sensor Samsung washer
Hall (tacho) sensor Samsung washer

The washing machine can reveal the 3E mistake when:

Too much loading of the drum with laundry;
Obstructing of international things between the drum and the tank;
The short-lived breakdown in the control component;
The failure of the hall sensing unit;
Resonance sensing unit failure;
The weakening of the drive belt;
Lowered engine power, which is feasible due to worn brushes or damaged windings;
Malfunction of the control module.
Such typical points as drum overloading with washing can bring about the e3 error code occurrence. If you put insufficient clothing, the 3E error might show up. This code signals the jamming of the drum as a result of international items stuck in between the storage tank as well as the drum. Еhe engine does not have adequate power to get over jamming.

Total tacho sensor worn out as well as breakage of connection with it can trigger the 3E mistake. If Samsung washing machine is geared up with a resonance sensor instead of the hall sensor, the exact same issue happens. Additionally, the 3E mistake can indicate the loss of engine power due to the broken brushes or busted windings.

Tacho sensor might offer inaccurate signals. It refers to oxidation of the magnetic ring or of the electric motor shaft. Also, dust obtains in between the electric motor shaft and the ring of the hall sensing unit. It causes the exact same problems. The attenuation of the tacho sensor signal or its regular disappearance may describe the bad attachment of this sensing unit to the motor. All of this can also generate the 3E mistake code.

Weakened drive belt in washer Samsung
Weakened drive belt in washer Samsung

A damaged drive belt is one of the rarest sources of the 3E error and also its analogs incident. Due to this issue, the engine can start rotating and also rotate the drum. So, the self-diagnosis system of the washing machine takes it as troubles with the motor. Therefore, it releases the 3E fault.

Exactly how to address the trouble
Having found out the reasons for difficulty codes in the washer, discover how to fix by yourself. Right here’s what you require to eliminate the mistake:

When washing device overloading, transform it off and take out excess garments. Then start the gadget once more.
When the drum is obstructed, remove the international object through the hole for the heating element. To obtain the heating system, you need to get rid of the front wall of the technique.
If the control stops working temporarily, shut off the machine. Take the cord out of the network for a couple of mins. After that, transform it on once again.
Adjustment the stressed out hall sensor to a new one. (Unscrew the back wall of the device, get rid of the drive belt, to ensure that it does not interfere. Eliminate the circuitry from the engine as well as loosen the part. Remove the old hall sensor from the electric motor and also install a brand-new one).

Just how to replace the Hall (tacho) sensor Samsung washer.

Examine the engine brushes and transform them if necessary. (You can locate tiny screws on the body from the sides. Unscrew them to eliminate the graphite rods. They are called brushes due to the fact that they scrub the movable part of the collector motor and can be erased. If this occurs with a minimum of one brush, modification both).

Exactly how to replace the carbon brushes on the Samsung washer.

If the communication with the vehicle is damaged, inspect and also clean up the component. (Completely clean the inner magnetic ring from oxide and also dust. This activity will certainly recover the contact. Additionally, inspect the honesty of the sensing unit supply wire as well as its get in touch with.).
inner magnetic ring of the blades in the washing machine Samsung.
Internal magnetic ring of the Samsung before and also after cleaning.

Inner magnetic ring of the Samsung before and after cleaning
Inner magnetic ring of the Samsung before and after cleaning

With drive belt weakening, change this component.
If the control component falls short, solder the burnt components on the board. Additionally, you may require to totally replace the component.
If the electric motor tacho signals are inputted less than 2 for 2 seconds after major drive motor began, this mistake will take place on typical brush motors and also straight drive motors:.

Examine carbon brushes if fitted.
Check motor capacitor.
Examine electric motor.
Inspect electric motor tacho.
Check all links and blocks to the electric motor.
Examine connections on the main control component.
Examine the primary control module.

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