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6Е (Eb, bE, bC) mistake signifies regarding the issues in the electronics of Samsung cleaning equipments. Codes vary depending on the day of the equipment manufacturing.

Samsung washer error code 6E
Samsung washer error code 6E – How to fix? by

Mistake codes in old and also brand-new cleaning devices
Till 2007, Samsung washing equipments showed the Eb code. Although it is much more correct to check out the code as bE, bE1, bE2. In the tools without a digital display, the trouble was indicated by the lighting of cold water temperature level indications. So, the 40 and 60 levels symbols illuminated concurrently.

A full listing of classifications, similar to the 6E mistake in the washing maker:

bE with extra digits (bE1, bE2, bE3);.
sometimes the order of letters modifications– on Eb;.
in some designs, the inscribing bC (or bC2) is made use of.
Root causes of breakdowns.
The 6e error signals regarding the problems with running the innovation. There are three typical factors when the device shows the 6E error code:.

thyristor switch is out of order;.
there are problems with the control buttons;.
the failing took place in the electronic controller of Samsung washing devices.
Prior to fixing, attempt to clear up in which system the breakdown happened. If you’re a proprietor of the washing device with the display screen for three characters, this task is a lot easier for you:.

the bE1 mistake signifies a trouble with the power switch;.
bE2 (b2 or bC2) takes note of problems with various other secrets of the washing equipment;.
if the bE3 mistake light up, there is an issue with the control device.
Exactly how to fix the 6E mistake code.
6E can appear on a display screen at any phase of the cleaning maker operating. The mistake can occur at the start of washing, as well as right before completion of the procedure.

When the codes of this group appear, it is seldom possible to get rid of the mistake without the aid of an expert.

Samsung washing makers are equipped with a set of sensors. Each of them can fail. To reset the mistakes, it is enough to reactivate the electronic devices. For this, turn off the tools from the network for a couple of minutes as well as turning it on once again.

Socket electrical outlet breakdown.
Disturbances in the current supply can drive the gentle Samsung electronic devices insane. This takes place if the plug’s connection with the electrical outlet is not limited enough.

To get rid of the mistake, repair the electrician. Therefore, change the socket, the plug of the washing device or fix the circuitry.

Buttons don’t perform its features.
If the machine issues the 6E error code, possibly there is a not enough call of the buttons or their sticking after pushing.

Try holding the secret for regarding a min or press it a few times. The fastening of the front panel of the washing equipment also aids.

Sources of the mistake.
If you can’t manage the problem yourself, and the gadget shows the very same mistake on the display, so check out the table listed below. It will certainly aid you to comprehend the significance of a certain habits of the appliance.

MalfunctionPossible reasonsWhat to do
6E (bC) appears after the start of the program. The washing machine turns the drum, as when pressing. The technique starts in the normal mode, but it does not cope with the pressing process. Thus, the technique hangs.Closing the contacts led to a breakdown of the triac.It is necessary to replace the unit. Perhaps, you will need to do it along with diodes and relays.
The drum of the washing machine spins to the limit. Then, the Eb error appears on the display.The Hall sensor is broken. As a result, the control triac malfunction occurs.Provide the tachogenerator diagnostics. In case of insufficient contact, improve the fastening. Also, replace the burnt out part.
The washing machine doesn’t start. In a couple of minutes, the 6E error or similar indicator lights up.The motor relay damage. (As a rule, it occurs after a poor-quality repair, after which the contacts get oxidized or ruined).Soldering eliminates the problems with the legs or relay contacts. Replace the burnt out part.
The 6Е error code periodically lights up.Insufficient contact between the wires (they are worn out or chafed).To restore the machine’s operating, inspect the contacts. You need to clean and reconnect them. In difficult cases, you have to replace the plume completely.
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