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The dC check in the washing equipment notifies a proprietor regarding the troubles with the door. Commonly, the error reason is not in the break down of tools. As a matter of fact, several proprietors utilize the device thoughtlessly and also unreliable, specifically when dealing with the door.

Samsung washer error code dC (door)
Samsung washer error code dC (door) – How to fix? by

Indicators of the dC mistake code in Samsung washing equipments.
In the majority of Samsung cleaning machineы, dC error presents as De or Door.

The code can be supplemented with numbers. The complete listing of possible mistakes:.

In some Samsung versions, dC error codes appear with an extra digit:.

Some Samsung washers show a complete word rather than mistake codes. For example, “door mistake” or just “door”.

Error code dC (door) on the washing machine Samsung without display
Error code dC (door) on the washing machine Samsung without display

Washing machines without a screen signal regarding fault by diodes flashing. Moreover, all the light-indicators of water temperature level brighten at the same time.

Possible dC error problems.

Problems with the door in the washing machine Samsung
Problems with the door in the washing machine Samsung

When the dC code flashes on the Samsung washer display screen, some technical problems can arise:.

a user can’t shut the hatch;.
if the device issues the dC error at the end of washing, the door can not be unlocked;.
the washing equipment shuts yet the lock doesn’t work.
Depending upon the cleaning equipment’s habits, the issue can be both unimportant and hard. The last one calls for specialist repair service.

Lifehack: Just how to open a locked door in the Samsung washer.

Just how to determine a malfunction.

A foreign object in the Samsung washing machine that prevents the door from closing
A foreign object in the Samsung washing machine that prevents the door from closing

If the Samsung gadget problems the dC error during washing, perform an easy diagnosis before calling a professional.

For the first devices examination:.

make sure that the washing device is securely closed;.
examine the place between the hatch and also the door for any blockage. The factor is that an international item may get stuck there and obstruct the cleaning equipment.
In both instances, the response is to get rid of the locking component as well as close the hatch snugly. If there is no remedy, look for much more complicated sources of the problem.

Examining the electronics component.
In Samsung cleaning equipments, error “dC” on the display screen can report the digital unit troubles. Try to compel the device to reboot, transforming it off for a couple of minutes from the electrical outlet. If this technique also does not help to get rid of the mistake, the trouble remains in the device for locking the door.

The table will aid you to comprehend the meaning of the “Door” mistake. Additionally, utilize it to discover just how to fix the problem pertaining to the Samsung strategy.

MalfunctionPossible reasonsWhat to do
The hatch is not blocked. The dC code or its analog appears on the Samsung technology display. After washing, you can not open the door.Problems with the mechanism of the hatch.You have to install a new electronic lock. Also, ask a specialist for help.
The dC error appears during the washing process start.Failure in the microchip function. This element regulates the work of the device – the indicating module.Only the master will determine the meaning of the mistake. Often it is enough to repair the unit and solder the resistors. If the processor has burnt out or the module is irreparably damaged, replace this part.
The hatch doesn’t close because the hole in the body does not match the lock.The door of the Samsung washing machines is worn out or mechanically damaged.It is necessary to change the door (sometimes replacing the loops is enough).
When you close the door, there is no click. So, the user can’t slam the door.The problem with the main lock.The part needs repair or replacement.
The error reset occurs, but after a while, the Samsung unit lights up the dC indicator again.The wiring between the lock and the electronic module is damaged or worn out.Replace the plume or current conductivity (twisting wires) restoring will fix the situation.

You can correct minor problems in Samsung devices work yourself. The complex electronics repair requires the help of a specialist.

How to find and diagnose the cause of the DS error in the Samsung washing machine

How to replace the door lock in the Samsung washing machine

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