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The SE mistake code in Samsung washers occurs quite often. Typically it takes place if a customer does not give proper treatment of the appliance. The SE mistake code suggests that the failing occurs during water draining pipes.

Samsung washer error code SE
Samsung washer error code SE – How to fix? by

Why does the SE mistake code show up?

Error code SE on Samsung washer without display
Error code SE on Samsung washer without display

The SE error typically appears on Samsung washing equipments present when the program has already ended up washing and the washing machine must begin washing rinse cycle. Now, according to the program, the machine should drain pipes the filthy soapy water, after cleaning the laundry. After that, the device puts tidy water for washing. On this action, the problem takes place. The system just can’t drain filthy water. The control board issues the SE error code.

This error shows up when the tool can not drain water.

The causes of the mistake that avoids unclean water draining:

the drain filter is so clogged up that the water just does not pass through it into the drainpipe tube;
there is clogging in the drainpipe pipe, at the junction with the filter or at the junction with the siphon;
the water is not drained pipes due to the drainpipe pump breakdown.
Keep in mind! In order to avoid unpleasant obstructions inside the device, make certain to do the following things. Before cleaning, examine the pockets of the garments that you put in the drum. Don’t neglect to pull out coins, tricks and more.

Some Samsung washing device versions show nd or 5E code rather than the SE error Focus, these codes suggest the exact same error. But do not puzzle it with the E5 code. It suggests the heating element breakdown of the washer.

The source of the SE error.

Drain pump washer Samsung
Drain pump washer Samsung

If the gadget unexpectedly hangs up throughout cleaning as well as issues the SE code, the first thing to examine is the trash filter. You can discover it in the lower right edge of the maker body. Clean the part. If the SE error remains to show up in the cleaning maker, continue searching for a reason.

How to clean the drain hose of the washing machine Samsung
How to clean the drain hose of the washing machine Samsung

Next, you need to examine the drainpipe hose pipe due to the fact that an obstruction might develop inside it. Take out all laundry from the drum, after that eliminate the drainpipe hose pipe from the siphon or from the sewer pipe. After that, drop its end right into the tub or sink. This way, you will conveniently see the outbound water. Afterwards begin the cleaning program and simply observe the procedure. If the pump tries to push water via the hose, however it barely runs, it indicates about tube blocking.

Samsung washing machines function silently. However if you listen to its job throughout water draining, you can identify the certain sound. The operating drainpipe pump makes an audio. So, if water doesn’t run from the pipe after the cleaning coating, as well as you don’t hear the certain sound of the drain pump, more than likely the issue remains in it!

Exactly how to take care of the issue?
If the unclean filter is the cause of the SE error code in Samsung washing machines, after that this issue is the simplest one to fix.

Just how to clean the filter?

How to clean the washing machine filter
How to clean the washing machine filter

In the reduced right corner of the gadget’s body, locate the plastic cover safeguarding filter and also emergency situation drainpipe hose pipe. Open it.
Take the container for draining filthy water from the drum (the washbowl is the best service).

How to drain the water from the washing machine
How to drain the water from the washing machine

Eliminate the plug from the tiny rubber pipe and drain water right into the washbowl.
Maintaining the container, turn the filter screw half a turn counter-clockwise and remove it.

Manually clean the pump hole in the washing machine
Manually clean the pump hole in the washing machine

Evaluate the hole for international things. Take out every little thing that has stuck there, including obstructions of fluff as well as hair.
Put the screw in place and place the link into the emergency situation drain hose. Next off, close the plastic cover. This ought to address the trouble.
If the root cause of the SE error is a big blockage in the drainpipe tube, to start with, disconnect it from the washer. After that wash it with a powerful water jet. Cleaning the tube with water, concurrently bend and unbend it. In this manner, the dirt plug will pop out quicker.

Possible locations of blockages
Possible locations of blockages

Perhaps the blockage has actually formed somewhere deep inside the drain pipe or in the siphon. In this situation, the dirty water will quit drainpipe not only from the device however additionally through the sink.

You can manually clean up the blockage, created in the siphon. To do this, simply unscrew the plug and also clean its internal components. But speaking about the sewage system pipe, it requires more efforts. In this case, the absolute best choice is to call a plumbing who will promptly clean up the pipelines. Nonetheless, you can attempt numerous liquids for blocking removal.

Note! Do not utilize aggressive chemicals when it concerns cleansing the drain hose pipe of a washing machine. This can harm the appliance.

In the most awful instance, the SE error code can be brought on by a breakdown of the drain pump. To get to this component, you require to eliminate the back wall surface. Determining the area of the drain pump is an easy job. Take a look at the shutoff to which the drain pipe is linked. This shutoff attaches the drain pump. As we have actually already discussed, it is much better not to repair the drain pump on your own. Yet in the extreme case, you can replace the drain pump on your own.

How to replace the drain pump in the washing machine Samsung

To sum up, keep in mind that the SE fault in Samsung cleaning devices (or the 5E error code) is not as awful as it may seem. For the most part, you can find and also eliminate its causes by yourself.

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