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Error Codes indicate issues signed up by certain components. If error codes are signed up, they will certainly appear prior to temperature level analyses while in Diagnostic Mode.

KEEP IN MIND: If Mistake Codes appear with a blinking “SERVICE” annunciator before launching Diagnostic Setting, the device experienced excessive compressor run condition that may or might not be associated with the Mistake Codes displayed

To start Diagnostic Mode, press as well as hold either COLDER trick, after that press the POWER secret, after that release both keys. Currently, examine to see if Mistake Codes are present, making sure to toggle through all error and temperature level readings by pressing either COLDER crucial or either WARMER key. (See Error Code Table Below).

If Mistake Codes appear during Diagnostic Mode, follow the Mistake Code Troubleshooting Overview on the adhering to web page. The left column of the troubleshooting overview provides the mistake codes. The information in the appropriate column discusses what examinations to execute and/or what action to require to remedy the error.

NOTE: If mistake codes are observed in analysis mode, a non-flashing SOLUTION annunciator will certainly appear on the LCD when Diagnostic Mode finishes, suggesting mistake codes are still saved. Error Codes should be cleared from the electronic control memory by hand. To get rid of the non-flashing SOLUTION annunciator and also the mistake codes, the issue should be fixed and also the device should get on, then:.

  • On a model UC-24C: Press the Freezer WARMER as well as COLDER tricks for fifteen (15) secs.
  • On a version UC-24B, UC-24R, or UC-24RO: Press the Refrigerator WARMER as well as COLDER keys for fifteen (15) secs.

Error Code Table

05Refrig. cabinet thermistor read open or shorted for 10+ seconds, or repeatedly read erratic temp’s
06Refrig. evaporator thermistor read open or shorted for 10+ seconds, or repeatedly read erratic temp’s
07Freezer cabinet thermistor read open or shorted for 10+ seconds, or repeatedly read erratic temp’s
08Freezer evaporator thermistor read open or shorted for 10+ seconds, or repeatedly read erratic temp’s
20Defrost under-heat with no voltage feedback through Gray/White wire at defrost start
21Defrost overheat
22No voltage feedback through Gray/White wire at defrost start
23Defrost overheat with no voltage feedback through Gray/White wire at defrost start
24Defrost under-heat
40Excessive Freezer Compressor Run
50Excessive Refrigerator Compressor Run
Error Code 30Icemaker Not Working ProperlyCheck the icemaker to ensure it is not jammed. Ice or other material may be jammed inside the icemaker. If an obstruction is not detected, contact a service repair person to inspect the electrical connections and continuity between the ice maker and control board.

Error Code 05.
A. If “EE” for refrigerator area was displayed and also “SOLUTION” flashing, examine the following:.

  1. Thermistor electric connections and also connection from thermistor to J5 on control panel. Reconnect/ repair.
  2. Resistance of thermistor– 30,000 to 33,000 ohms at 32 ° F( 0 ° C). Replace if faulty. B. If “EE” for fridge compartment was NOT presented, trouble is periodic thermistor mistake:.
  3. Door not closing properly. Right door closing problem.
  4. Examine light switch, circuitry & electric links. Repair wiring/ connections or replace switch.
  5. Inspect thermistor electric connections and continuity at J5 on control panel. Reconnect/ repair.
  6. Check resistance of thermistor– 30,000 to 33,000 ohms at 32 ° F (0 ° C). Replace if defective.
    C. If “EC 05” and also “SOLUTION” were flashing prior to launching analysis mode, device additionally experienced excessive compressor run problem that might or may not be connected with the “05” Error Code. See Error Code 50 Test/Actions.
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