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THERMADOR Error Code E15
Professional Ranges Models: PDR30/36/48…PRG30/36/48

CODE E15Turns all heat off, micro not affected. Error will remain in display until repaired and powered up. No error tones.Repair the electronic range control (also called clock or ERC)

The control constantly keeps track of system parameters for control and oven failings as well as reports a fault code when a system issue is spotted. The control utilizes the stoves blue “on light” as well as oven “home heating light” to report a detected fault code. The control will certainly remain to blink the lights in the suitable series as long as the fault exists.

Detection of a mistake does not hinder the capability of the control to remain to function if the mistake is not critical for the desired operation. For instance: If the range door lock is faulty, the array will continue to cook because the mistake would only protect against the range from self-cleaning.

When a mistake takes place, the control will certainly blink the blue stove “on light” and heaven “home heating light” sequentially to indicate the fault. The fault codes have two numbers, these numbers are analyzed by the number of times the lights flash. The oven “on light” will certainly flash showing the very first number, and the “heating light” will certainly blink suggesting the second number.

Error E9 is … No Cooling Fans. The code is 43. The oven “on light” will certainly blink 4 times, then the “home heating light” will blink three times, then time out. The series will certainly then duplicate as long as the fault exists.

The complying with graph reveals the error codes that can be shown in the Oven/Selector home window during certain stove malfunctions. Several of the mistake messages can be removed by executing the adhering to actions:

  1. Transform the selector knob to OFF
    2.”Modify” the oven by transforming the selector handle a little to the left (counterclockwise). This may quit the flashing message/beeping and clear the home window.
  2. For errors E1, E9, E11, E12 and also E13, the power supply going to the also need to be turned off momentarily, and back on once more.
  3. If an error continues to be shown when the selector switch is OFF, as well as after attempting to clear the screen, as received actions 2 and 3, turn off the power going to the stove, and refer to the graph listed below to aid you find the trouble.
E1C&EControl board problem.
E2G&KCook or Clean mode runaway (temp >635 °F)
Clean mode runaway (clean temp +32 °F).
E3A&HOpen oven temperature sensor (>5000 Ω).
E4A&HShorted oven temperature sensor (<5000 Ω).
E5K&DControl board too cold, too hot, or defective.
E6C&JControl board problem.
E7A&IIllegal temperature display. Turn off oven and try again.
E8A&DControl board problem.
E9A&ELatch switch problem.
E10B&DControl board problem.
E11A&FCT oven – latch switch problem
E12A&ECT ovens – latch switch problem
E13A&CCT ovens – latch frozen or no power to latch motor.
CMT ovens – control board not converted (refer to page 3-7 for conversion data).
E14A&ELatch switch problem.
E15B&DControl board problem.
ATurns heat off on the failed oven only; microwave not affected.
BTurns all heat off; microwave not affected.
CDisables the CLEAN mode in both ovens; allows COOK and microwave.
DError will remain in the display until oven is repaired and powered back up. No error tones.
ETurning the oven off stops the error and flashing display. Can tweak away the error code. Error is redisplayed only if the selector is turned to CLEAN.
FTweaking clears to “—“ for retry.
GClears when the oven temperature is less then the runaway temperature with the selector switch off.
HCan be cancelled by tweaking if a good sensor is detected.
ICleared with a mode change.
JCan be tweaked away for immediate retry. User must unlatch and delete the “—“ to try to relatch the door.
KTurns heat and microwave off.
LIf two switches show a locked door, then E13 and LOCK are permanent in the display (in all modes). If the two switches show an open door, tweak away the E13 error message.
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