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Software Model Number

ModelDescriptionSoftware Model Number
DFUW, DUWC, VUWC24 inch Wine Cellar11
DFUR, DUAR, VUAR24 inch Beverage Center21
DFRD, DURD, VURD24 inch Refrigerated Drawers16
Viking Refrigerator Common Problems
Viking Refrigerator Common Problems

Viking Refrigerator Diagnostic Info

Solution Diagnostics Mode permits you to identify the firmware as well as software program variations, test status of “design certain” system elements and also sensing units, as well as change state of elements where suitable (i.e.– compressor on/off, etc.).

Enabling Service Setting: To make it possible for Solution Mode, press and also hold the “WARMER” button while pressing the “COLDER” button four times within 5 seconds.

  • You can not make it possible for Solution Setting while in Establish Setting. – All system functions will continue to be in their present state while in Service Setting.
  • Alarm systems are impaired throughout Service Mode and also reset after leaving Solution Mode.
  • Solution Setting will automatically disable after 5 (5) mins of no keypad access

After entering Service Mode, the very first number that you will see indicates the software model number for the particular unit you are servicing. For example, if you are servicing a 24 inch wine rack (DFUW, DUWC, VUWC), the very first number you will see is 11. See graph listed below for corresponding model and also software program reference.

The 2nd number you will certainly see shows the software program version launch. For instance, if you see 44 on the display panel it suggests software application version 4.4.

While in Service Setting, press the “COLLECTION” switch to step through Examinations 0-9. The very first number of the display screen will certainly show the test number. The second figure indicates the current state of each part under examination and is displayed as “1” getting on, CLOSED, or SHORTED and also “0” being OFF or OPEN. Tests 0 and also 1 disclose an open or shorted problem spotted at the sensor inputs. Examinations 2 through 6 allow you to turn loads ON with the “WARMER” switch and also OFF with the “COLDER” button. Examinations 7 with 9 confirm state modification of the door switches and/or magnetic reed sensing unit. The part tests offered are described in Offered Element Examinations chart.

Refrigerator runs too frequentlyDoors have been opened frequently or has been opened for long periods of timeReduce time door is open. Organize food items efficiently to assure door is open for shortest time
Humidity levels too high Food has recently been addedNormal operation Allow time for added food to reach refrigerator or freezer temperature
freezer temperature freezer temperature freezer temperatureEvaluate refrigerator’s environment. Refrigerator environment. Refrigerator run more efficiently.
Condenser coils are dirty Controls need to be adjusted. Door is not closing properlyClean coils. Adjust controls. Check for internal obstructions that are keeping door from closing
Refrigerator is not level.
See installation instructions
for details on how to level
your refrigerator.
Check gaskets for proper
seal, clean if necessary
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