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The F11 error code in the Whirlpool washer reports concerning the engine control panel breakdown. Having discovered this, a user will immediately stick to family home appliance repair service professionals. Yet before doing it, attempt to apply the below-mentioned techniques which might eliminate the F11 error code.

Whirlpool washer error code f11
Whirlpool washer error code f11 – How to fix? by

Communication mistakes between elements in the Whirlpool washer occur quite hardly ever. However this appliance is everything about water, wetness, and also spin at high speed. At a high moisture degree, contacts have a tendency to oxidize with time. Because of this, the bond between substances is weakening.

Spin at broadband produces vibration, which likewise impacts wiring connections. Besides, users do not constantly fill the washing appropriately, which enhances vibration during cleaning. Oxidation and also vibration can substantially influence the bonding in between elements of the Whirlpool washer. As a result, the F11 error code shows up on the display.

For that reason, you are to examine the complying with factors:

Inspect the stability of the harness connection with the electric motor control board, motor, as well as central control panel.
Assess relocating components for broken or damaged parts.
Inspect the motor control panel.

  1. Analyze the major control panel of the Whirlpool washing maker.
  2. Test the engine
    All the factors stated over job onward the F11 error code look in the Whirlpool washing machine.

An engine.
Inspect whether the links of all engine joints. Also, examine its honesty. Commutator engine is one of the most spread out ones. It is necessary to establish the classification the contacts. There might be:

Brush wires;
Wires from the excitation winding;
Electrical wiring from the tachometer (rate sensing unit).
If you have experience in electrical engineering, you will handle the complying with engine monitoring jobs. Do it if you recognize what is multimeter and exactly how to use it. You ought to understand exactly how to check out a circuit and also comprehend the concepts as well as standard policies of power.

There are 2 cords affixed to the speed detector. It is located on the contrary end of the engine pulley-block. To determine them on the block, comply with where the cables cause. To evaluate the sensing unit, you need to link the terminals to the multimeter probes and also inspect the loop. Some symbols will appear on the display. If the worths are transforming when the engine rotates, it means that the sensing unit is in order.

A malfunction of this sensor may bring about unstable mistakes as well as failures of some modes, such as spin, and so on

. Then see whether all the brushes are mounted ideal and also check the collector problem. The point is that deposit, cracks and various other “surprises” might appear on it. If brushes are broken, change them. In situation of down payment buildup covering a support, tidy it with rubber. If there are various other troubles with the support like protruding burrs or noticeable failings of the honesty of lamellas or windings, it’s better to purchase a new part.

Making use of an ohmmeter, locate the affixed calls pairs.

There are an excitation winding as well as the anchor on the engine. We are going to inspect these elements for honesty. It makes no feeling to gauge winding resistance if you do not recognize small values. To test its efficiency, you require to make a system.

Connect the excitation winding with the anchor consequentially. You have actually already established which terminals exposure to each various other, so there is winding between them. Interconnect them one by one from sets (you need a kink wire terminals), as well as apply 220V in between both remaining (one from brushes, another one from excitation).

washing equipment engine circuit
Below is a regular scheme of switching on the washer engine. All items are signed.

Here is a typical scheme of switching on the washer engine. All items are signed.
Here is a typical scheme of switching on the washer engine. All items are signed.

If the engine remains in order, the last alternative to inspect is the control board

Control board.
If the error happens once, it can report concerning the control electronics failing. You can try to turn off the devices for fifteen mins from the network. After that, turn on the Whirlpool gadget once more. If the mistake does not disappear, you need to dismantle the washing maker and evaluate the control board. Any type of visual defects, black traces, worn out components are a clear indicator that the engine control panel is the factor for the F11 error code.

You must examine the top quality of cables connection leading to the control board from the engine, consisting of all links in it. It takes place that some get in touches with somewhat relocate away. To address the issue, return them to the previous placement. Besides, professionals state that cleansing get in touches with will serve, too.

The last thing you need to do is to undergo the entire wiring system.

Although the wire damage and also burnout take place hardly ever, do not miss this phase of checking the appliance.

With cautious screening of the Whirlpool washing machine, you will probably find the factor for the F11 mistake code. Yet if the aesthetic evaluation does not produce outcomes, then perhaps you will certainly need to buy a new engine control board.

The table of reasons and services for the f11 error code removal in the Whirlpool washing machine

Typical error f11 signsPossible reason for the error appearanceRequired measures
An automatic Whirlpool washer doesn’t start operating; the drum doesn’t spin; the appliance shows the F11 error code.In most cases, the reason for malfunction relates to the Hall sensor (co-called tachogenerator or tachometer). This element controls rotation speed. 90% of all the issues occur precisely for the stated reason.As a rule, the Hall sensor is beyond repair. So, the only solution is to replace it. In rare occasions, the resistor, placed with a sensor in one circuit, burns out. In this case, the resistor is the only one element that needs changing.
The screen shows the F11 error code and the device doesn’t spin the drum.An electronic controller, or simply a control module, has become unusable. This chip is paramount for an automatic washer as it is responsible for the entire unit.As a rule, this control unit can be repaired. You will have to replace the damaged or burnt out elements and solder the failed tracks.
In particular cases, you need to replace the controller. But only a specialist should deal with this work.
An appliance continues to demonstrate the F11 error code, which doesn’t disappear after the control adjusting.The washing machine engine is out of order.The broken engine requires replacement.
From time to time, the technique shows the F11 error; the drum stops spinning.Probably, the wiring connecting the engine with the control unit is worn out. During washing, the machine slightly vibrates, which can cause contact waste. The following signs are a shutdown and error appearance.It is necessary to replace the loop of wires completely, or to adjust the connection of the worn out wires.

How to fix Whirlpool error f11 by

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