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Refrigerator repair New york The basic malfunctions.

Refrigerator repair New york The basic malfunctions.

First, decide on the design of your refrigerator, they are of three types:

Drip type (crying petal),

NF (know frost, dry freezing)

Determine this way, if the inner rear wall of the refrigerator compartment is smooth and smooth and freeze or drip condensate on it, your refrigerator is of a drip type.

If the internal rear wall of the refrigerating compartment with orifices and from them blows cold air (you need to press the door close button to turn off the lamp) then your refrigerator is NF.


Refrigerator repair New york Drip type.


They are divided into two main types:

  •  Termination of the normal robot of the refrigerant circuit (the circuit in which the refrigerant circulates)
  •  Breakdown of automation


Refrigerator repair New york violation of the normal refrigerant circuit.


The simplest thing is that when the refrigerator is moved, the pipes are broken or bent, respectively, the circuit is depressurized, accordingly refrigerant (freon) is evaporated – the refrigerator will not work.

More complicated is the leakage of refrigerant in the heating circuit of the door (jumper between the refrigeration and freezing chambers). Since the manufacturer saves and makes it of steel, it rusts and for a period of 5-7 years on average it starts to pass the refrigerant. Over time, the refrigerant evaporates, so the refrigerator does not gain the necessary temperature for shutting down in the refrigerating chamber and operates without stopping, which threatens the compressor overheating and, as a result, its failure.


Refrigerator repair New york Second degree


Even more complicated failure is the leakage of refrigerant in the refrigerating chamber (along the petal) or at the joints of copper-aluminum, a problem arises here, since all this is filled with foam inside the refrigerator, and it is very difficult to detect a leak of refrigerant.

Another failure – the failure of the compressor, is eliminated by replacing the compressor is the most expensive repair, since the compressor is expensive. Compressor breakdown – jammed the rotor of the electric motor, the starting or working winding burned, the inter turn closure of the windings, does not give the necessary pressure (valve overflow).


Refrigerator repair New york Automatic failures


Automation of refrigerators is divided into two types of mechanical and electronic.

The mechanical failure of the thermostat, the start-up relay, the defrost timer, the breakage or the closure of the wiring, is a mechanical failure.

Electronic failure of the program due to fluctuations or power outages, the failure of electronic components on the main board, the failure of sensors, the electrical part of the valve (if any), an open or short circuit of the wiring.

Those. Breakages can be set and diagnose them can only the master, accordingly from correct diagnostics depends on the correctness of Refrigerator repair New york.


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